SUMMARY: containing λ particles was grown in an axenic medium; the λ particles were purified by passing homogenized organisms through a column of the anion exchange resin ECTEOLA. The λ particles were stained heavily with pyronin Y and weakly with the Feulgen procedure, and Chemical analysis of the λ particles revealed that a single particle contained: 0·026 picogram (pg.) DNA, 0·230 pg. RNA, 4·0 pg. protein, 0·350 pg. carbohydrate, 5·6 pg. phospholipid. The RNA/DNA ratio in the λ particle was 8·8 as compared with a RNA/DNA ratio of 11·3 in the particle. Both particles contain about the same amount (0·0049 pg., and 0·0045 pg.//μ, respectively) of DNA, yet the λ particles stained very faintly with the Feulgen procedure, while the κ particles stained very heavily.


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