SUMMARY: Ultrathin sections of sporangia of the actinomycete were examined with an electron microscope. The sporangial wall is a thin, wrinkled membrane which seems to be an extension of the outer layer of the cell wall of the sporangiophore. A substance, probably a liquid, is located between the sporangial wall and the sporangiospores. The spores are ovoid and consist of a laminated wall in which two layers can be differentiated. The wall is 30–40 mμ thick but thickens to 90–120 mμ at the point of contact between two spores. Inside the spores one can differentiate a finely granular nucleus, large vacuoles which are probably filled with a fatty substance, and a coarsely granular cytoplasm. The cytology of the sporangiospores of is similar to that of the conidia of


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