SUMMARY: utilized several single amino acids as nitrogen source during growth on a defined medium; ammonia was also used but not nitrate or methionine. Several extractants for releasing cytoplasmic contents were examined. With acetic acid (100 g./l.) as extractant the content of α-amino nitrogen, pentose, ammonia and phosphate in the extracts was studied. A marked increase in orthophosphate with age of the mycelium was found. The free amino acid pool was examined chromatographically, qualitatively and quantitatively, during growth. Glutamic acid, glutamine, alanine and proline were the principal components of this pool at all stages of growth; proline formed 40 % of this fraction at the end of the logarithmic phase of growth. Phenylalanine and tyrosine were present only in trace amounts; tryptophan was not detected in the free amino acid fraction. These three amino acids were present in mycelial protein. Glucosamine was present in increasing amounts in mycelial hydrolysates as the mould aged.


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