SUMMARY: A technique for sectioning fixed preparations of suitable for subsequent treatment with fluorescent antisera is described. Following application of specific fluorescein and rhodamine conjugates of paramecium antisera to sectioned paramecia, fluorescence was observed both on the surface structures (pellicle and cilia) and in the cytoplasm, but not in the macronucleus. Fluorescence of the cytoplasm was prevented by pretreating the sections with non-homologous, non-fluorescent antiserum. It was concluded that the immobilizing antigens were substances covering only the pellicle and cilia, and that the internal cytoplasmic antigens were relatively invariant in paramecia of diverse immobilization antigen type. Study of transforming organisms showed that new antigen appeared first on the pellicle, and later on the cilia. All the cilia of a given cell bore the same antigen or mixtures of antigen.


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