Summary: Bacterial P proteins, encoded by genes, are central signalling molecules in nitrogen regulatory pathways and are modulated by post-translational modification in response to the cellular nitrogen status. The gene was cloned from the filamentous heterocyst-forming cyanobacterium strain ATCC 29133 (PCC 73102) by heterologous hybridization to a sp. strain PCC 7942 gene fragment. Expression of the cloned gene was verified by hybridization to total RNA and a single cross-reactive polypeptide was observed in immunoblots of extracts probed with anti- 7942 P antiserum. Modification of the purified P protein by a 7942 P kinase was observed, but modified forms of P were not detected in extracts of from a variety of incubation conditions. The gene could not be disrupted by targeted gene replacement unless a second copy of was provided suggesting that the gene or gene product is essential for growth under the conditions tested.


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