Following the complete sequencing of the genome, it has been shown that the proposed second citrate synthase of this organism, recently described by the authors, is in fact a 2-methylcitrate synthase that possesses citrate synthase activity as a minor component. Whereas the hexameric citrate synthase is constitutively produced, the 2-methylcitrate synthase is induced during growth on propionate, and the catabolism of propionate to succinate and pyruvate via 2-methylcitrate is proposed. The citrate synthases of the psychrotolerant eubacterium DS2-3R, and of the thermophilic archaea and , are approximately 40% identical in sequence to the 2-methylcitrate synthase andalso possess 2-methylcitrate synthase activity. The data are discussed with respect tothe structure, function and evolution of citrate synthase and 2-methylcitrate synthase.


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