The complete nucleotide sequence of the 5936 bp cryptic plasmid pFAJ2600 from NI86/21 was determined. Based on the characteristics of its putative replication genes, and , pFAJ2600 was assigned to the family of pAL5000-related small replicons identified in (pAL5000), (pXZ10142), (pRBL1), (pMB1) and (pJD1). The replication systems of these plasmids show striking similarities to the ones used by the ColE2 family of plasmids from Enterobacteria with respect to both -acting factors and sequences. Two possible plasmid stabilization systems are encoded on pFAJ2600: a site-specific recombinase (PmrA) related to the Xer proteins for plasmid multimer resolution and an ATPase (ParA) related to the A-type of proteins in partitioning systems. The proposed replication termination region of pFAJ2600 has features in common with the loci of Chimeras composed of a pUC18-Cm derivative inserted in the intergenic region of vector pFAJ2600 produced vectors that could be shuttled between and several species (). The pFAJ2600-based shuttle vector pFAJ2574 was stably maintained in and growing under non-selective conditions.


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