Summary: A B-cell epitope, AEFPLDIT, was located to the variable sequent 3 of the major outer-membrane protein (MOMP) using the monoclonal antibody L3-1, raised to the serovar L3 MOMP. By Western blot and inclusion immunofluorescence assay the monoclonal antibody recognized all the C complex and C-related complex serovars of except serovar C. Dot-blot and ELISA data using native elementary bodies indicated that the epitope was surface exposed. The monoclonal antibody, at concentrations of 10 and 100 μg per 10 chlamydial inclusion-forming units, was able to neutralize the infectivity of chlamydia in an assay but did not neutralize chlamydia or in a mouse toxicity assay. A peptide corresponding to the variable sequent 3 has previously been shown to also elicit a T-cell response; thus, careful consideration should be given to inclusion of this region of the major outer-membrane protein in a subunit vaccine.


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