The attachment site () of phage øU, a lysogenic phage of biovar , was identified on a 6.0 kb fragment of the phage DNA. Plasmid pCI6 was constructed by cloning this fragment into the site of suicide plasmid vector pSUP202. S17-1 harbouring plasmid pCI6 was mated with wild-type biovar strain 4S and its lysogenic strain 4S(øU) using tetracycline resistance (Tc) as a selection marker. The Tc R.leguminosarum biovar transconjugants appeared at high frequency (10-10 per recipient cell in both matings). Southern hybridization with the fragment and pSUP202 as probes indicated that plasmid pCI6 integrated into the chromosome of all these transconjugants in the same manner as phage øU.


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