A prime plasmid has been used as the basis for the construction of a physical and genetic map of a 125 kb segment of the PAO chromosome. Using pMO1811, a prime plasmid selected for the region, a series of Tn5 insertions were obtained which identified two new markers (glycine utilization) and (organic acids and alcohols permeability) in the 125 kb region and located them in relation to other known markers of this region. A cosmid bank was constructed from the prime plasmid and an ordered array of cosmid clones for this region identified by restriction endonuclease mapping with RI, III and , as well as complementation mapping and chromosome walking. By Southern hybridization analyses, it was confirmed that the chromosomal insert carried by pMO1811 was flanked by single, tandemly arranged copies of IS and the orientation of the insert on this prime was determined. This cosmid bank provides a resource for the further analysis of this region of the genome.


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