Summary: A gene for alkaline cellulase from the alkalophilic sp. KSM-635 was cloned into the III site of pBR322 and expressed in HB101. Although the recombinant plasmid contained two III inserts of 2.6 kb and 4.0 kb, the inserts were found to be contiguous in the genome by hybridization analysis. Nucleotide sequences of a 2.4 kb region which was indispensable for the production of cellulase, and the flanking, 1.1 kb region, were determined. There was an open reading frame (ORF) of 2823 bp in the 3498 bp sequence determined, which encoded 941 amino acid residues. Two putative ribosome-binding sites and a δ-type, promoter-like sequence were found upstream from an initiation codon in the ORF. The deduced amino-terminal sequence resembles the signal peptide of extracellular proteins. A region of amino acids, 249 to 568, of the deduced amino acid sequence of the cellulase from this organism is homologous with those of alkaline and neutral enzymes of other micro-organisms, but nine amino acid residues were found to be conserved only in the alkaline enzymes.


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