Summary: var. crystal proteins were purified by FPLC on a Mono Q column to yield 130, 65, 28, 53, 30-35 and 25 kDa proteins. All the purified proteins killed larvae after citrate precipitation, but the 65 kDa protein was the most toxic. A precipitated mixture of 27 and 130 kDa proteins was almost as toxic as solubilized crystals. In assays against a range of insect cell lines, the activated form (25 kDa) of the 27 kDa protein was generally cytotoxic with the lowest LC values By contrast, the activated forms of the 130 kDa and 65 kDa protoxins (53 kDa and 30-35 kDa proteins, respectively) were much more specific than the 25 kDa protein in their action on dipteran cells, and each showed a unique toxicity profile which, in the case of the 130 kDa preparation, was restricted to and cell lines.


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