SUMMARY: Restriction endonuclease analysis of DNA of , serovar , showed two distinct types within this serovar. These two types, hardjoprajitno and hardjobovis, cannot be differentiated by monoclonal antibodies. Application of P- or biotin-labelled total DNA probes in dot-blot or hybridization assays showed a high sensitivity of the assays but also considerable cross-hybridization. Therefore, a genomic library of hardjobovis was constructed and a number of hardjobovis-specific recombinant clones were isolated. Finally, four clones were selected on the basis of a strong hybridization signal and a high specificity for hardjobovis as compared to hardjoprajitno. In a dot-blot assay as well as in hybridization experiments all four clones gave strong signals, and no cross-hybridization with hardjoprajitno was observed in either type of assay. Our results indicate that specific recombinant DNA probes might provide tools for routine diagnosis and classification in cases of infections.


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