SUMMARY: contains only - and -type cytochromes. One of the -type cytochromes is probably an -type oxidase. During growth on methanol at pH 4 the soluble cytochromes are induced fivefold compared with growth on glycerol. contains a methanol dehydrogenase (MDH) that is more stable to low pH values than other quinoprotein MDHs but is similar in other respects. Its electron acceptor is an autoreducible cytochrome which differs from others in this class in being reduced at pH 4 by MDH in the presence of methanol and in being autoreduced at relatively low pH (pH 7.0). MDH-stimulated autoreduction occurs at the pH of the periplasm (pH 4.0) as predicted if the process of autoreduction is of physiological importance, and the rate is fast enough not to be rate-limiting in electron transport from methanol to the electron transport chain.


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