SUMMARY: A 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase (3-IMDH, EC gene was cloned from a gene library of . One of the plasmids, pYKL30, could complement and auxotrophs; a 2·2 kb III fragment subcloned in pBR322 could still complement the mutation. Southern hybridization confirmed that this fragment was derived from . An open reading frame of 1089 bp that corresponded to a polypeptide of 363 amino acids, one residue shorter than the 3-IMDH of , was found in the cloned fragment. The homology between the 3-IMDHs of and was 76·2% in nucleotides and 85·4% in amino acids. In contrast, the homology between the 3-IMDHs of and was much smaller and was restricted to some regions of the gene.


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