SUMMARY: Antisera and monoclonal antibodies (McAb) were prepared against the proteolytic rumen bacterium strain PI-7, and their reaction with bacterial antigens was quantified by using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. A dye-release assay was developed to assess the binding of fixed bacterial cells to microtitration plates. Five McAb were screened against 15 type cultures representing other important rumen genera, five type cultures of the genus and 63 presumptive butyrivibrios, which were assigned to the genus on the basis of their biochemical and morphological characteristics. Antiserum was also screened against all strains of . Of all the bacteria tested, only six presumptive butyrivibrios cross-reacted with two or more McAb; six others cross-reacted with at least one McAb; 20 butyrivibrios, including three of the type cultures, cross-reacted with the antiserum. Binding-competition studies indicated that the McAb were directed against three different antigenic determinants. It is concluded that McAb have potential uses in grouping butyrivibrios and as a specific probe for a single strain.


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