Characteristic waxes, based on methoxy and keto long-chain diols, members of the phthiocerol family, have been isolated from representatives of and produced essentially di-esters of the ketodiol phthiodiolone A. but the remaining species also had waxes based on the methoxy-diols phthiocerol A and phthiocerol B. Gas chromatography of derivatives of the components of the waxes showed that the phthiocerol A components from and were qualitatively similar, being mainly C and C, but potentially significant differences were seen in the proportions of the components from The phthiocerols A from were C and C and the phthiodiolones A from were C and C. The multimethyl-branched acids from the waxes of were quantitatively different from those of and but all these mycocerosic acids ranged in size from C or C to C, with C or C being the major component in most cases. and strains had mainly C or C and C or C multimethyl-branched acids, respectively.


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