SUMMARY: Recombinant plasmids were constructed that expressed the KS71A, KS71B and KS71C fimbrial antigens of the pyelonephritogenic strain KS71 (O4:K12) in HB101. The KS71C-encoding genes were located on a 6·4 kb dIII-I fragment obtained from the recombinant cosmid pKTH145 that expresses this antigen. Spontaneous KS71Cmutants were isolated that contained a 0·8 kb insert in a specific restriction fragment of KS71Cencoding recombinant plasmids. The KS71 B-encoding segment was located on a 11·5 kb deletable DNA fragment of recombinant cosmid pKTH144. A DNA fragment encoding the KS71A fimbria was obtained on a 12 kb RI fragment of the recombinant cosmid expressing this antigen in HB101 and closely resembled the KS71B-encoding fragment. In the recombinant cosmid, the KS71 B-expressing region was flanked by homologous DNA segments. A similar stretch of DNA was found close to the KS71A-expressing DNA region.


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