SUMMARY: undergoes yeast to mycelial conversion under both and conditions but the relative pathogenicity of the two forms of growth is still unknown. By adapting a recently developed Cr radiolabel release assay, we have quantified the killing ability of different murine effector cell populations for the hyphal form of . Up to 50% of specific Cr release from the mycelial form could be detected after incubation for only 1 h, with no requirement for opsonization, provided that appropriate effector: target cell ratios were used. The specific Cr release correlated well with viability, as assessed by dye exclusion tests, and with pathogenicity potential in cyclophosphamide-immunodepressed mice. Comparison of the activity of different murine effectors against yeast and hyphal forms showed that hyphal forms were killed by murine effectors to a similar, if not greater, extent than yeast forms. In particular, thioglycollate-induced murine polymorphonuclear neutrophils were able to kill hyphal cells extracellularly and without an opsonic requirement.


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