Summary: Adenylate cyclase and phosphodiesterase activities were assayed during the course of sexual reproduction in High levels of adenylate cyclase activity and low levels of phosphodiesterase activity were found in all dikaryons, in strains, and in the monokaryotic fruiter Fis. Corresponding to this, a high level of cAMP was found in these strains. On the other hand, low levels of cAMP were found in semi-compatible heterokaryons (common- and common-), and in and strains, where the events leading to sexual morphogenesis had been switched on only partially. cAMP-binding and cAMP-dependent protein kinase activities were detected in the dikaryons, and in and Fis strains, but were negligible in the sexually sterile strains. The results indicated that both and factors are involved in the coordinate regulation of adenylate cyclase, phosphodiesterase, and cAMP-dependent protein kinase during fruit body formation.


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