The removal of divalent cations from suspensions of zoospores of decreased cell viability. When zoospores were exposed to combinations of cations, the degree of zoospore encystment was reduced to the mean level of that stimulated by the two cations acting separately. When Ca was present in mM concentrations, any damaging effect of the second cation was reduced. In the absence of added K and Ca, the ionophores valinomycin and A23187 induced zoospore encystment within minutes. The addition of Ca to zoospores treated with A23187 induced germination of the cysts. Strontium at 25 mM was as effective as Ca in stimulating germination. The calmodulin-inhibitory drugs trifluoperazine, imipramine hydrochloride and dibucaine reduced zoospore viability and, with the exception of dibucaine, were ineffective at inducing encystment.


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