Summary: The effect of antimicrobial agents on the intracellular multiplication of in cultured guinea-pig peritoneal macrophages was measured. Beta-lactam antibiotics at concentrations 5 to 400 times the MIC did not inhibit the intracellular growth of the organism. Gentamicin inhibited the growth considerably but failed to eliminate the organism from the phagocytic mixture. Chloramphenicol or tetracycline at 10 μg ml (40 or 5 times the MIC respectively) did not eliminate the organism. At a higher concentration (30 μg ml), however, these drugs eliminated the bacterium from the mixture. Only erythromycin and rifampin were effective in killing the organism at very low concentration (1 μg ml). Intracellular multiplication of was observed clearly by light microscopy using Wright-Giemsa staining.


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