X grows on methylamine as sole source of carbon, energy and nitrogen. The uptake of the compound occurred via a single inducible transport system irrespective of whether methylamine was used as a carbon and energy source or a nitrogen source only. The transport system had the following properties: temperature optimum 30 °C, pH optimum 7.0, 70-100 n, 12.5 nmol min (mg dry weight). Methylamine uptake was inhibited by azide, cyanide, -ethylmaleimide and carbonyl cyanide--chlorophenyl-hydrazone. The uptake was not inhibited by ammonium ions, was slightly inhibited by amino acids and amides but was competitively inhibited by short-chain alkylamines ( ethylamine 200 n). Cells grown on formate, methanol or ethanol as C-source and ammonium sulphate as N-source did not possess the transport system but this could be induced by the presence of methylamine for 45-50 min. The addition of formate, methanol or ethanol to methylamine-grown cells did not affect the rate of methylamine uptake. Bacteria pre-grown on dimethylamine or trimethylamine transported methylamine into the cells at rates of 99% and 52%, respectively, when compared to rates with cells pre-grown on methylamine.


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