SUMMARY: An examination of 20 strains of butyric acid-producing species for phospholipid class compositions, plasmalogen content, and acyl and alk-1-enyl chains showed that the deoxyribonucleic acid homology groups I () and II () could be distinguished by their lipid compositions. The phospholipids of strains had ethanolamine as the major nitrogenous lipid polar head-group moiety, more octadecenoate plus C-cyclopropane than hexadecenoate plus C-cyclopropane acyl chains, and the predominant alk-1-enyl chain was C-monounsaturated. strains had -methylethanolamine plus ethanolamine in phospholipid head-groups, more hexadecenoate plus C-cyclopropane than octadecenoate plus C-cyclopropane acyl chains, and the major alk-1-enyl chain was C-saturated. Three species falling outside the two homology groups and had ethanolamine as the major phospholipid base, but these species could be distinguished from by their acyl and alk-1-enyl chain compositions. The lipid composition of is even more distinct.


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