SUMMARY: A new species in the family is described, isolated from alkaline wetwoods of poplar trees. It was a non-sporing, curved rod that formed long spiral filaments, especially when grown with N as the sole nitrogen source. This obligate anaerobe had peritrichous flagellation and an outer-wall membranous layer. The DNA G + C content was 36.7 . 1.0 mol%. Cell extracts displayed absorption peaks for type cytochromes in oxidized versus reduced difference spectra. Nitrogenase was detected by acetylene reduction in cells grown on glucose in the absence of combined nitrogen. This species fermented lactate and a variety of saccharides. Propionate, acetate and CO were major products, with succinate and ethanol formed in trace quantities. The optimal pH and temperature for growth were 6.0–6.5 and 30–33 °C, respectively. The name gen. nov. sp. nov. is proposed for the type strain 12B4, which has been deposited as ATCC 33732.


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