A mating system to transfer the ability of growing autotrophically as a hydrogen bacterium ( marker) has been developed in strain 1b. Following filter mating between an strain and an strain, transconjugants of the phenotype AutTrpStr were obtained. The number of recombinant colonies exceeded the number of revertants by a factor of 10. This and other crosses indicated that only the marker is transferred. Among other markers tested (growth on lactate and benzoate) no new combinations were found. A few strains of the were tested for their ability to act as recipients. Transconjugants of and able to grow autotrophically were isolated. Most transconjugants were able to act as donors, but with different recipient spectra. As indicated by the observation of sectored colonies after autotrophic growth, by the measurement of the frequency of loss of autotrophy compared to auxotrophic markers, and by the effect of mitomycin C treatment, the marker does not become integrated in the recipient chromosome in a stable state. It is probably located on a plasmid.


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