Fatty acids of species were examined by gas-liquid chromatography. and showed similar patterns, characterized by the presence of 3-hydroxytetradecanoate, -tetradecanoate, hexadecenoate, -hexadecanoate, octadecenoate, -octadecanoate and a component having the properties of octadecadienoate. contained 3-hydroxyhexadecanoate as a distinctive character. Simpler fatty acid patterns characterized by the absence of 3-hydroxytetradecanoate and other hydroxy fatty acids were observed in , the single strain of and in the majority of strains classified as and . Neither methyl-branched nor cyclopropane fatty acids could be detected in any of the strains examined. In addition to fatty acid methyl esters, the chromatographic profiles of all species except and contained substantial amounts of fatty aldehyde dimethyl acetals of chain lengths C14 to C18.


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