Summary: Streptomycin inhibited growth and sporulation of species, although variations in sensitivity were recorded. In sporulating colonies, streptomycin increased both the length of the post-induction lag phase and the proportion of gemmae. Antibiotic concentrations (> 100 μg ml) which resulted in the leakage of potassium ions from sporulating colonies also correlated with the condensation of hyphal cytoplasm into lysed segments. In vegetative colonies grown in > 500 μg streptomycin ml, changes were seen in the organization of endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria and nuclei. These inhibitory effects could be counteracted by the addition of calcium ions. Some observed effects were consistent with an impairment of normal mitochondrial function, but others, particularly in sporulating colonies, were possibly the result of interference with cellular functions regulated by calcium or other divalent cations.


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