The plasmids R711b (at present IncX) and F (IncFV) both determine pili morphologically like those of F (IncFI), and confer sensitivity to the F-specific filamentous bacteriophages, but not to the F-specific isometric RNA phages. Detailed serological studies show that the two pilus types are unrelated, and that neither is related to any of the previously defined F pilus serotypes. Adsorption of the isometric RNA phage MS2 to R711b pili occurs in the presence but not in the absence of formalin, which presumably prevents elution of reversibly adsorbed virions. No adsorption occurs with F pili. MS2 multiplication, as measured by titre increase tests in liquid medium, is found with neither plasmid. The two plasmids are not incompatible. These observations indicate that R711b and F are different both from one another and from the plasmids belonging to the incompatibility groups IncFI-IV.


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