The immunoprotective behaviour of the 30-kDa secretory glycoprotein of HRv has been investigated in different adjuvant systems in two mouse strains, NMR1 and CBL/6J. In comparison with Freund's incomplete adjuvant (FIA) and dimethyldioctadecyl ammonium bromide (DDA), the 30-kDa glycoprotein complexed with polylactide-co-glycolide microparticles (PLG-MPs) induced maximum immuno-reactivity in the two mouse strains. As compared with controls, immunisation with 30-kDa-PLG-MPs resulted in significantly greater protection in animals challenged with 1 × LD50 of HRv on the basis of survival rates and number of cfu in the infected organs 30 days after challenge. The degree of protection provided by 30-kDa-PLG-MPs was similar to that obtained with 30-kDa-FIA and higher than BCG immunisation. These findings suggest that biodegradable PLG microparticles can be used as an efficient carrier system for the key immunoprotective 30-kDa secretory protein antigen of HRv.


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