. A modification of the indirect haemagglutination test is described for the serodiagnosis of echinococcosis. In the modified test the Cowan I strain of , which contains protein A, was used to enhance haemagglutination of sensitised red cells. The test was performed in parallel with the indirect haemagglutination test on 31 sera from surgically-confirmed cases of hydatid disease and on 45 sera from healthy blood donors. Use of protein A enhanced the sensitivity of the test and greatly increased the titres obtained with most of the sera. None of the sera from healthy blood donors exhibited a titre > 64, whereas all but two of the sera from cases of hydatid disease exhibited titres > 128. The immunoassay is simple, inexpensive and requires little technical skill. It has the potential for wide application in the serodiagnosis of echinococcosis.


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