A 12.4 kbp dIII chromosomal DNA fragment harbouring an apparently intact 9.2 kbp endogenous murine leukaemia virus (MuLV)-related proviral genome was isolated from an RFM/Un strain mouse by molecular cloning and designated pRFM #6. Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed the following characteristic features in the pRFM#6 provirus: a distinct 200 bp sequence in the long terminal repeat (LTR) mid-U3 region, a primer binding site for glutamine tRNA, a 3′ region encoding an ‘endonuclease’ protein of 390 amino acids, and the mink cell focus-forming virus type-specific sequence at the 5′ portion of the gene. The 699 bp 5′ LTR and 700 bp 3′ LTR of pRFM#6 provirus were identical except for three base changes in the U3 ‘enhancer’ region. At the cell-provirus DNA junction, 4 bp direct repeats were present. The proviral genome was found at the same chromosomal DNA site in BALB/c, AKR, C3H, CBA and RFM strain mice, but not in NFS/N or C57BL/6 strain mice.


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