The stability of the infectivity of Simian rotavirus, SA11, has been analysed and compared to the stability of reovirus type 1. SA11 infectivity was stable to freeze-thawing, sonication, incubation at 25 °C overnight or at 37 °C for 1 h and to treatment with acid, ether, chloroform and Genetron. In contrast to reovirus, the infectivity of SA11 was more rapidly inactivated by heating at 50 °C. SA11 infectivity was inactivated above pH 10.0 and by heating at 50 °C in 2 -MgCl, but was stabilized by heating in 2 -MgSO; reovirus 1 infectivity was enhanced by heating in MgCl. Both SA11 and reovirus 1 were inactivated by freezing in MgCl. These results show that rotaviruses and reoviruses can be distinguished by their patterns of inactivation by physical and chemical agents.


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