The longer of the two types of particle of the strain of tobacco rattle virus is associated with mitochondria in the cells of Gray leaves (Harrison & Roberts, 1968), and the RNA-producing defective isolate, , causes gross structural abnormalities in mitochondria (Harrison, Stefanac & Roberts, 1970). Thus mitochondria may play a special role in the synthesis or assembly of tobacco rattle virus.

In plant tissue, chloramphenicol is reputed to inhibit protein synthesis by chloroplast, and possibly by mitochondrial but not by cytoplasmic ribosomes, whereas cycloheximide is claimed to inhibit protein synthesis by cytoplasmic but not chloroplast ribosomes (Ellis, 1969; Boulter, 1970). We have therefore tested the effects of these and some other compounds on the accumulation of tobacco rattle virus, to see whether the results would shed any fresh light on the possible role of organelles in the replication of the virus.


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