Murine sarcoma virus (MSV), which in its natural state is enveloped in a murine leukaemia virus coat, can, under select conditions of aggregation with feline leukaemia virus (FelLV), be made to infect and transform cat embryo cells (Fischinger & O'Connor, 1969). The product of such an infection is a new FelLV pseudotype of sarcoma-MSV (FelLV) which replicates to a high titre in cat cells, possesses a new host range, and is neutralized by FelLV antisera (Fischinger & O'Connor, 1969; Sibal 1970). The infectious capacity of MSV (FelLV) is not limited to cat cells but is also manifest by a morphological transformation of cultured human, dog and pig cells (O'Connor & Fischinger, 1970; Chapman, Fischinger & O'Connor, 1970). The MSV infection of mouse cells is defective in the sense that both focus formation and progeny virus replication are only initiated by an infection of a cell with both MSV and murine leukaemia virus (Hartley & Rowe, 1966; Bassin 1968; O'Connor & Fischinger, 1968).


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