subspecies () is the causative agent of paratuberculosis, or Johne’s disease, in cattle, with potential involvement in cases of Crohn’s disease in humans. Johne’s disease is found worldwide and is economically important for both beef and dairy industries. In an effort to characterize this important infection in Egypt, we analysed the ecological and genomic features of recent isolates of . In this report, we examined 26 Holstein dairy herds distributed throughout Egypt, from 2010 to 2013. Using PCR analysis of faecal samples, we estimated a mean herd-level prevalence of 65.4 %, with animal-level infection that reached a mean of 13.6 % among animals suffering from diarrhoea. Whole genome sequencing of field isolates identified numerous single nucleotide polymorphisms among field isolates relative to the standard K10 genome. Interestingly, the virulence of isolates from Egypt revealed diverse virulence phenotypes in the murine model of paratuberculosis, with significant differences in tissue colonization, particularly during the chronic stage of infection. Overall, our analysis confirmed that Johne’s disease is a newly identified problem in Egypt and indicated that has potentially diverse genotypes that impact its virulence. Further ecological mapping and genomic analysis of will enhance our understanding of the transmission and evolutionary dynamics of this pathogen under natural field conditions.


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