In the framework of the international project aimed at the sequencing of the genome, a 40.6 kb chromosome segment, which contains the locus, has been cloned and sequenced. This region (40601 bp; 73°-76° on the genetic map) contains 38 complete ORFs and one partial one. Three ORFs, the closest to the locus, correspond to the and genes encoding enzyme IITre, trehalose-6-phosphate hydrolase and the repressor of the operon, respectively. A homology search for the products deduced from the 39 ORFs revealed that 23 exhibit significant similarity to known proteins, e.g. proteins involved in acetoin utilization, deoxyribonuclease, methyladenine glycosidase, hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase, multidrug resistance proteins, protein phosphatase, cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase, 5′-nucleotidase and NADP(H)-flavin oxidoreductase. Based on the gene organization and the results of the homology search, it is predicted that YfjG, YfjH, YfjI, YfjJ and YfjK form an acetoin dehydrogenase system (acetoin regulatory protein, and acetoin dehydrogenase components/subunits E3, E2, E1β and E1α, respectively). an extremely large ORF comprising 4386 nucleotides, seems to correspond to the fusion of the genes for 2′,3′-cyclic-nucleotide 2′-phosphodiesterase and 5′-nucleotidase precursor.


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