An 837 nt long group IA intron was discovered in the subsp. virulent phage LL-H genome. The LL-H intron conforms well to the secondary structure that is common to all group I introns. The only exception is that the extreme 3′ nucleotide of the intron is an A residue instead of the usual G; despite this the intron is efficiently spliced This LL-H intron contains an ORF, ORF168, which shows homology with endonucleases encoded by ORFs contained in phage introns. At present, the LL-H intron is the only one found in the phages of lactic acid bacteria and the first one to be found in a phage belonging to the most abundant taxonomic group, group B or Siphoviridae. The LL-H intron interrupts gene , the product of which (50.5 kDa, TerL) is significantly homologous to the large subunit of phage SPP1 terminase. The product of the upstream gene, of LL-H (15.9 kDa, TerS), shows homology to small subunits of phage terminases.


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