Summary: Variations in trichothecene patterns of 26 isolates from different plant and geographic origins showed no corresprelation with electrophoretic karyotype polymorphisms. When intact chromosomes were examined, interisolate karyotype differences were observed only in the mini-chromosome range. Further polymorphisms were revealed in -digested samples. By summing the fragments the average genome size of F. sporotrichioides was estimated to be 20.4 Mb. Mini-chromosomes shared common sequences with the larger ones; however, clones (RMS-1 and RMS-2) specific to these structures have also been found. These clones contained no coding region and no promising similarities were observed when they were compared to sequences held at GenBank. Mini-chromosomes in constitute a mosaic composed of dispersed repeats and unique sequences. This mosaic structure was maintained in all non-interbreeding, genetically isolated strains examined.


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