SUMMARY: The location and organization of repetitive sequences, members of the RPS family, which are sequences specific to , were determined on each chromosome of strain FC18. Using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, we separated seven fractions from eight chromosomes. Each chromosome was cleaved by HI and ol to excise the RPSs, which were then detected by hybridization with an RPS probe. All chromosomes except chromosome 4 carried RPSs, and these RPSs were located within a limited region on each chromosome. From the digestion of each chromosome with l and probing with the RPSs, we found that these recognition sites within the RPS region were conserved among all RPS-containing chromosomes. For further characterization of the RPSs, the locations and the boundary regions of the RPSs were examined on chromosome 6 of strain FC18 as a model chromosome. Using the restriction enzymes l, l, ol, Hl, ul and l, we constructed a semi-macro physical map of the RPSs and their boundary regions on this chromosome. We also determined which part of the RPS was adjacent to each boundary by using sub-fragments of RPS as probes. The physical configuration around the RPSs and their boundary regions are presented. The results obtained should be useful for future analysis of the function of these regions.


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