Summary: The distribution of β-1,2-linked oligomannosides among glycoconjugates of various species was investigated by Western blotting, using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies which react with these epitopes. Expression of β-1,2-linked oligomannosidic epitopes on a 14-18 kDa polydisperse antigen nonreactive with concanavalin A (ConA), previously identified as a A phospholipomannan (PLM), appeared to be restricted to serotypes A and B (including var. types I and II) and . In , β-1,2-linked oligomannosidic epitopes also appeared to be slightly associated with high molecular mass (> 100 kDa) polydisperse ConA-reactive mannoproteins. For all the other strains investigated, belonging to the species and , β-1,2-linked oligomannosidic epitopes were found to be present in association with medium molecular mass (18-100 kDa) and high molecular mass ConA-reactive mannoproteins, giving reproducible labelling profiles that varied between species.


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