Summary: ATCC 12475 fails to produce streptomycin when grown at 34 °C or above, although growth is appreciable up to at least 37 °C. This depression of streptomycin production at elevated growth temperature is manifest equally in liquid and on solid, and with complex and minimal, media. We report studies with gene fusions of the reporter genes or to restriction fragments containing the streptomycin biosynthesis promoter . constructs were in high, and constructs in low, copy number vectors. Two promoter fragments were used, one requiring activation by the pathway-specific activator of , the other reportedly activator independent. expression in the constructs in and in was significantly reduced at 37 °C compared to 30 °C. Some of this reduction could be explained by lower plasmid copy number at the higher temperature, but -dependent expression was clearly temperature controlled. Using the reporter system, the temperature dependence of expression was confirmed but, surprisingly, the dependence of the two promoter fragments differed from that observed in the multicopy constructs. These data identify a temperature-dependent promoter which may contribute to the depressive effect of elevated growth temperature on streptomycin production.


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