The lactate utilizing strain of 5934e was found to contain three lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activities in sonicated cell extracts. One activity, an NAD dependent L-LDH (L-nLDH) was measured at 15-fold greater levels in extracts of cells grown to mid-exponential phase on glucose compared to cells grown to the equivalent growth stage on DL-lactate. A second nLDH activity specific for D-lactate (D-nLDH) was detected at similar levels in both lactate-grown cell extracts and glucose-grown cell extracts. The third activity, an NAD independent DLDH (D-iLDH) was very low in cells grown on glucose but was induced more than 10-fold when DL-lactate was used as the carbon source. The three LDH activities could be separated by gel filtration. Recovery of the activities was low due to the apparent instability of the enzymes at 4 °C, which was most pronounced in the case of the D-iLDH. A m for lactate of 0.5 mM was estimated for the D-iLDH and this was considerably lower than the values of 45 mM and 70 mM measured for L-nLDH and D-nLDH respectively. It is proposed that the D-iLDH may be largely responsible for the formation of pyruvate in lactate-grown cells of strain 5934e. Three other lactate utilizing strains of , HD4, 5521C1 and JW13 exhibited a similar profile of LDH activities to strain 5934e when grown on glucose and DL-lactate.


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