When grown in a synthetic medium containing more than 3 mM K, the marine bacterium exhibited a K transport system with apparent and maximum velocity ( ) of 3.0 mM and 1.5 μmol min (mg cell protein), respectively. The growth rate of this organism in synthetic medium containing less than 0.2 mM K was dependent on K concentration and was half-saturated at about 50 μM K. The cells grown at low concentrations of K induced another K transport system with and values of 0.3 mM and 0.6 μmol min (mg cell protein) respectively. The high-affinity system appeared when cells were grown at concentrations less than 2.0 mM K and was fully induced at 0.1 mM K and below. A mutant strain (FS181) unable to grow at 0.1 mM K was isolated and found to be defective in the inducible K transport system.


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