Catransport has been measured across plasma membrane vesicles isolated from cells of This transport was found to be ATP- (or to a lesser extent GTP) and Mg-dependent. Inconsistent release of Cafrom intact vesicles was obtained using the calcium ionophore A23187. However, Cawas released by Triton X-100 in a concentration-dependent manner. Transport was inhibited by vanadate (>50%) and erythrosin B (about 50%), being about 10 μM for both inhibitors. In the presence of the protonophores CCCP or gramicidin, partial inhibition of Catransport (about 20%) was observed, but the Ca-channel blockers, nifedipine, diltiazem and verapamil had no effect, although the latter inhibited proton transport. The results indicate that Catransport in is regulated by a P-type ATPase with similar properties to that found in higher plants.


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