Summary: We have examined the heat shock response of . After normal growth at 28 °C, a 10 min heat shock at 37 °C induced the synthesis of proteins with approximate values of 90 000, 70 000, 60 000, 58 000, 19 000, 17 000 and 13 000. A monoclonal antibody raised against the cross-reacted with proteins of 60 000 and 58 000 in , suggesting that both were homologues. Hybridization of an to total DNA from also showed evidence for at least two homologues. One of these was cloned and completely sequenced, and showed close homology to sequences from other prokaryotes. The expression of this gene in failed to complement a mutation, either for growth at high temperature or for growth of bacteriophage δ. Hybridization of total DNA with a probe from this gene revealed the presence of a third putative gene. Two further hybridizing clones were analysed and found to consist of two additional sequences plus upstream regions containing putative genes.


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