SUMMARY: This study demonstrates that the host range of Pseudomonas plasmid RP1 includes the genus Caulobacter was shown to acquire three antibiotic resistance markers located in RP1. A fourth plasmid marker, susceptibility to an RNA bacteriophage, was not expressed, but could be transferred from Caulobacter to The lack of phenotypic expression of the phage marker was manifested by the inability of the phage to adsorb or to produce plaques on Caulobacter transcipients.

Matings of and were carried out in the presence of bacteriophage ø6, a DNA phage that infects and kills only swarmer cells of Caulobacter. No decrease in plasmid transfer in the presence of phage ø6 was detected, suggesting that stalked cells, and not swarmer cells, serve as recipients.

Our evidence suggests that transfer of chromosomal segments from Caulobacter may be mediated by plasmid RP1; such segments are not stably maintained.


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