SUMMARY: Walls of the mycelial (M) and yeast-like (Y) forms of were prepared with the carbohydrate labelled with C and the peptide and polypeptide labelled with H. Walls were extracted by sequential treatment with EDTA, NaOH and acetic acid. The polymers released were separated by glass-fibre paper electrophoresis and gel filtration which showed the presence, in both M and Y walls, of high molecular weight strongly acidic polysaccharides, high molecular weight weakly acidic glycoproteins and low molecular weight glycopeptides, which are weakly acidic or neutral. The strongly acidic polysaccharides from both M and Y forms contained -glucuronic acid, -mannose, -galactose and -fucose; the glycoproteins and glycopeptides from both forms had -mannose as the major sugar. Y walls gave in addition a weakly acidic polysaccharide containing -glucuronic acid and -mannose. The strongly acidic polysaccharides of the M form contained a greater proportion of -galactose and -fucose than did corresponding polymers of the Y form. The differences in composition of these polymers are discussed in terms of the possible differences in their structure and the relationship to morphology.


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