SUMMARY: [C]Glucose taken up by was found in the pool, in the protozoal polysaccharide and in the bacteria associated with the protozoa. The amount incorporated into the polysaccharide depended on the square of the glucose concentration. Evidence was obtained that glucose was probably taken up initially into the pool unchanged, and then rapidly converted into glucose 6-phosphate and maltose which were subsequently hydrolysed to glucose. [C]-Maltose was taken up at 20 to 30% of the rate of [C]glucose, with C appearing initially in maltose and glucose 6-phosphate. C from C-labelled soluble starch appeared in the pool as maltose, glucose 6-phosphate and glucose in that order, but incorporation into protozoal polysaccharide was poor. Hexokinase, phospho-glucomutase, α-glucan and maltose phosphorylases, glucose 6-phosphatase and maltase activities were found in the protozoa.


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