Summary: Rabbit antisera were prepared against the heptoseless Re mutants, R595 and SL1102, as well as against purified R595 glycolipid coated on autologous erythrocytes. The antisera cross-reacted with the endotoxic glycolipids extracted from Re mutants of various bacterial strains, including R595, SL1102, D31m, D21f2 and F515, as shown by passive haemagglutination and gel diffusion tests. The anti-Re sera also cross-reacted with the RESI preparations (a purified ‘lipid A’ fraction) from the endotoxic lipopolysaccharides of various heterologous smooth Gram-negative bacteria including and 0127. However, the same antisera failed to protect mice against infection by Gram-negative bacteria such as type II, 0901, 119 and . The results suggest that although the lipid moieties of the lipopolysaccharides in the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria share cross-reactive immunodeterminant groups, these groups may not be accessible to antibody against them.


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